November 19, 2009

Now on Tap - Toddy Oatmeal Stout

Oatmeal stouts are generally medium to full bodied & have an unreal smoothness to them due to the addition of oats to the mash. The oats not only add a lot of smoothness to the mouthfeel, but give a touch of sweetness that is unlike any other type of stout. Ours is a very smooth and delicious, malt forward stout that is nitrogenated to make it even more smooth & creamy. This time around our good friends at Broadway Cafe put together a very special roast to compliment and enhance our tasty oatmeal stout.

Brewer's specs:

Pale malt
Carapils malt
Munich malt
Roasted malt
Black malt
Honey malt


Bravo & Willamette hops

Fermented with McCoy's house ale yeast

Cold extracted Broadway Cafe Toddy added after maturation

OG 15.5 Plato
45 IBU
6.1% ABV

A great way to start your day!

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