September 28, 2010

Brewmaster's Dinner - Oct. 5

Yo! It's almost that time again - our next Brewmaster's Dinner is Tuesday, October 5th at 6:30 pm. This time we're doing things a bit different as we feature beers exclusively from the Amerisports Brewery inside the Kansas City Ameristar Casino. This will be a chance to try some relatively obscure brews with a 5 course pairing. 5 beers & 5 dishes for only $35 including tax & gratuity... We still have some seats open so come by or call us at (816) 960-0866 to make your reservations asap! Here's what's on the menu:

- Watermelon & feta salad with Half Court Light ale

- Baked bean cowboy cassoulet with Knock Out blond ale

- Chile-marinated hickory smoked jumbo prawn with Red Zone red ale

- Applewood smoked wild boar rib with Face Off pale ale

- Chocolate pecan pie with molasses ice cream & Hard Ball dark ale

This one's gonna be good!

September 18, 2010

Wee Willy takes Silver at GABF 2010

Our Wee Willy Scotch Ale just won the silver medal at the 29th annual Great American Beer Festival in Denver, CO! The GABF is the largest beer competition in the United States - this year there were over 450 breweries & brewpubs competing and nearly 50,000 people in attendance. Needless to say, we're pretty damn proud to take home another medal! Check out the full list of winners here.


September 15, 2010

Now on Tap - Ancho Brown

This ancho daddy's beer! We are proud to announce the second batch of our Hogpound Brown ale spiced with smoked & dried Poblano peppers - aka Ancho chiles. Poblanos are a mild Mexican chile pepper popular in mole sauces, or stuffed with cheese as chile rellenos, but when dried the Poblanos become known as Ancho chiles. We took 2 kegs of Hogpound Brown and loaded them with Anchos to give the beer a substantial pepper flavor with just a hint of heat due to the malty sweetness of the ale. The resulting beer is a unique balancing act of peppery spice & caramely sweetness. An excellent beer to be enjoyed on a rainy day like this or paired with spicy foods - particularly our Big Cheese hamburger with pepper jack cheese - this is a very limited experimental batch that won't last long! Coming soon: Oktoberfest.

September 08, 2010

Pics - Mikkeller Yeast Series

McCoy's/Foundry owner James Westphal welcomed guests and suggested they check out the newly opened BeerKitchen. More info on that soon.

McCoy's brewmaster Keith Thompson hosted the dinner alongside Shelton Brothers' rep Brent, who managed to elude the camera all night. Not only did Brent describe the beers and the idea behind them, he also informed us that a keg of Cantillon Iris is on its way to Westport...

The tasting plate. From left to right: Maytag cheese puffs, sliced pears with thyme honey, breseola with hops infused mustard, white chipotle cheddar blocks and prosciutto-wrapped honeydew & watermelon.

Herb-roasted cornish game hen with white cheddar bread pudding. For this course guests chose their favorite of the Yeast Series to pair with the dish.

The elusive Texas Ranger chipotle porter paired with mango sorbet. Apparently, the name of this beer was contracted to a chain of grocery stores in Texas, and if sold outside the state it is to be referred to as simply "chipotle porter".

Last night's dinner was one of the most delicious and educational we've had yet. For many of the attendees these nights are something to look forward to each and every month and we invite you to join the fun. Tickets are on sale now for October's dinner featuring 6 small plates paired with beers exclusively from Amerisports Brewpub for only $35 including tax & gratuity. Come by or call us at (816) 960 -0866 for reservations. Cheers!

September 06, 2010

Now on Tap - Broadway Toddy Stout

Oatmeal stouts are generally medium to full bodied & have an unreal smoothness to them due to the addition of oats to the mash. The oats not only add a lot of smoothness to the mouthfeel, but give a touch of sweetness that is unlike any other type of stout. Ours is a very smooth and delicious, malt forward stout that is nitrogenated to make it even more smooth & creamy. This time around our good friends at Broadway Cafe put together a very special Toddy roast to compliment and enhance our tasty stout with a burst of coffee.

Brewer's specs:

Malt: Pale, Carapils, Munich, Roasted, Black, Honey
Bravo & Willamette hops
Fermented with McCoy's house ale yeast
Cold extracted Broadway Cafe Toddy added after maturation

OG 15.5 Plato
45 IBU
6.1% ABV

September 03, 2010

Sorachi Ace Randall Hopped Pale

Introducing the second edition of our "Randall" hopped Pale Ales. This is our regular Lunch Pale Ale brewed, fermented & filtered as normal, but just before it hits your glass it's passed through a device commonly known as a Randall. A Randall is a cartridge filter loaded with hops - in this case Sorachi Ace - which gives the beer a bold hop characteristic. Sorachi Ace hops, developed by Sapporo, are a relatively new Japanese variety known for their intense citrus flavor and lemony aroma. The end result is a remarkably crisp & hoppy sessionable Pale Ale. We plan to release several different Randalled variations of this beer over the next few months so it will be interesting to see how the beer changes with each variety.

Brewer's specs:

Malt: pale 2-row, Vienna, biscuit & crystal

Hops: East Kent Goldings & Styrian Goldings

SG: 10.5 Plato
45 IBU
4.4% ABV

The Randall: from the tank, through the hops and straight into your glass. Cheers!