November 23, 2010

Now on Tap - California Uncommon

Back on tap for a very limited time is our California Uncommon - imperial steam beer. We've been cellaring this keg for over a year since it was first brewed and the results are definitely worth the wait. This is a big, hoppy beer perfect for cold November nights like this. Click here for a brief history of steam beers.

Brewer's specs:
90% Pale
5% Crystal
5% Munich

75% Northern Brewer
25% Cascade

Fermented at 18°C (64.4°F) with McCoy's house lager yeast

OG: 23.3 Plato
10.2% ABV

A postmodern twist on a modern revival of a classic American beer

November 18, 2010

Now on Tap - Broadway Toddy Stout

Oatmeal stouts are generally medium to full bodied & have a remarkable smoothness to them due to the addition of oats to the mash. The oats not only add a lot of smoothness to the mouthfeel, but give a touch of sweetness that is unlike any other type of stout. Ours is a very smooth and delicious, malt forward stout that is nitrogenated to make it even more smooth & creamy. This time around our good friends at Broadway Cafe put together a very special cold-extract Toddy blend to compliment and enhance our oatmeal stout with a burst of coffee.

Brewer's specs:

Malt: Pale, Carapils, Munich, Roasted, Black, HoneyOats

Hops: Bravo & Willamette

Fermented with McCoy's house ale yeast
Cold extracted Broadway Cafe Toddy added after maturation

OG 15.5 Plato
45 IBU
6.1% ABV

November 17, 2010

Feast of Samichlaus - Dec. 5

It's almost that time again - Sunday December 5th at 6:30 is the next installment of our monthly Brewmaster's Dinners. This time we're offering 6 beers from 5 European countries paired with their respective regional holiday dishes. Some of these beers are particularly rare so this is a great opportunity to try some hard-to-find beers carefully matched with chef-inspired small plates. Here's whats on the menu:

- Belgium: smoked salmon rillettes & herb garlic crostini with Fantôme Spéciale De Noel - 10% ABV

- Denmark: warm duck confit salad with apples, figs, roasted potatoes & red ale vinaigretter with Mikkeller Red & White Christmas ale - 8% ABV

- Austria: wood-roasted weisswurst sausage, braised red cabbage & apple mustard chutney with Samichlaus Bier - 14% ABV

- Norway: crown pork roast with garlic-herb mustard, mashed rutabaga & lingonberry demi with Nogne-0 Special Holiday Ale - 8.5% ABV

- Denmark: traditional risalamande with cherry compote & almond tuille cookie with Mikkeller Ris a la M'ale - 8% ABV

- England: hand-made sugar plum Christmas tree with Criminally Bad Elf Barleywine 10.5% ABV

Tickets are available for only $50 including tax & gratuity so come by McCoy's, the Foundry or Beer Kitchen, or call us (816) 960-0866 to make your reservations ASAP.

Happy Holidays!

November 15, 2010

Now on Tap - Rye Pale Ale

Now on tap - the second batch of our Rye Pale Ale. This hop-forward ale is smoothed out by the addition of flaked rye malt, which provides subtle hints of grain and fresh-baked bread while adding some viscosity for a slightly thicker mouthfeel & fuller body to this refreshing English-style pale ale.

Full Brewer's specs coming soon - 5.8% ABV.

November 10, 2010

Welcome to Beer KC!

Greetings and welcome to Beer KC!  The online home for Kansas City's emerging craft beer scene located in the city's historic Westport district.  Comprised of three beer-centric restaurants & bars - McCoy's Public House, the Foundry and the newly opened Beer Kitchen - Beer KC will be your destination for some of the best beer & food in the region.  This blog will become your resource for staying up to date with rare beer tappings & small batch releases, daily specials & monthly Brewmaster's Dinners, as well as much more including suggested beer pairings, tastings & reviews and upcoming events.  If you like beer and are in the Kansas City area, or are an out-of-town visitor, we welcome you to the corner of Westport Road & Pennsylvania Avenue for great food, delicious beer & awesome people.  Be sure to check back often or click the 'follow' button on the right to add us to your RSS / Google Reader feed.


November 08, 2010

Pics - Lagunitas Dinner 11.07.10

Last night's dinner was the first of our updated series of monthly Brewmaster's Dinners now held on Sunday nights at Beer Kitchen

Lagunitas taphandles at Beer Kitchen - Czech Pils & Fusion IV

Chicago resident & Lagunitas midwest sales rep Karen Hamilton; Karen is the sister of brewmaster/owner Tony McGee, who started the brewery in the small California town of Lagunitas in 1993. Since then the brewery has expanded to Petaluma with a capacity of 100,000 barrels annually, making them the 25th largest craft brewery in the US.

Czech-style Pilsner paired with pastry-wrapped brie & lingonberry-apple compote

Lucky 13 "mondo large red ale" - 8.56% ABV. This keg was cellared in the Foundry cooler for nearly 1 year allowing the hops to mellow and the rich maltiness to proceed to the fore

Lucky 13 served with butternut squash & patty pan soup

India Pale Ale paired with roasted acorn squash & apricot-walnut compote. Lagunitas' IPA was the first to be brewed & bottled in California and remains the #1 selling IPA in the state for over 15 years

Little Sumpin' Wild - their Little Sumpin' Sumpin' hoppy wheat beer - fermented with Westmalle Belgian yeast. Little Sumpin' Sumpin' was so well-recieved that it will become their latest year-round brand in just a few months. Also be on the lookout for Little Sumpin' Stoopid in mid 2011...

Little Sumpin' Wild paired with venison loin in a wild mushroom demi with spaghetti squash & miniature twice-baked potato

Fusion IV paired with a trio of pumpkin brulee, ginger spice cake & salted caramel ice cream. This beer - a blend of lager & ale brewing techniques - is very rare and limited to select markets. Kansas City is now one of those markets.

Tickets are on sale now for December's Bremaster's Dinner, "Feast of Samichlaus", which will feature 6 traditional Christmas dishes from around the world carefully paired with beers from their respective country. $50 including tax & gratuity. More info on that very soon...

November 06, 2010

Now on Tap - BBB

Back on tap for a very limited time is our 13th Anniversary Ale known as Triple B. We hopped this badboy with a blend of Pacific Northwest (Chinook & Horizon), English Fuggle & German Hallertauer hops for a dominant hop profile, while creating a balance of the citrusy American hop qualities and the spicier, more floral notes of European varities. It's then dry-hopped for an even stronger hop aroma. Clean malty sweetness is found in the background, while some fruitiness, either from esters or hops, is also prevalent. This big, bold & beautiful beer defies classification sitting somewhere between an Old Ale, ESB & Barleywine.

Brewer's specs:
Malt: 78% Pale 2-row
9% Crystal
9% CaraPils
4% Melanoidin

Hops: Whole leaf Chinook added to mash
Fuggle added to first wort
Horizon & Hallertaur for 90 minutes
Fuggle & Hallertaur for 60 minutes
Hallertaur for 10 minutes
Fuggle & Hallertaur at whirlpool
Dry-hopped with Fuggle

OG. 23 Plato
90+ IBUs
11% ABV

November 02, 2010

Now on Tap - Farmhouse Ale

Join us in welcoming back our extremely popular Farmhouse Ale. This is only the second-ever batch of the cloudy Belgian-style ale featuring bold earthy yeast flavors, a mild hop profile and just a touch of sweetness. It is dangerously easy to drink considering it weighs in at 7.1% ABV. Cheers!