April 30, 2012

New Belgium's Eric Salazar

Here are a few quick photos of Eric Salazar's visit to The Foundry on Thursday.

Eric was more than happy to talk beer, and answer any questions about New Belgium
The real star of the day!
Lots of these guys met their end
Eric Salazar and local Beer Ranger Adam Satz made it a great afternoon!
It was a great, low-key time, with good beers and conversation.  Did anyone make it to the dinner at Julian, or the special blending session on Friday?  We'd love to hear about it!

April 27, 2012

Weekend beers!

Looking for a new beer to drink this weekend? We just tapped our Toby Bitter, a nice, easy-drinking English bitter. A touch over 4%, it's a nice way to ease into the night. It's on nitro at The Foundry, and on cask at McCoy's! We also have the Blackberry Tart back in tap, if you're looking for a little pucker. Have a great weekend, cheers!

April 26, 2012

Don't Miss Eric Salazar Tonight!

From 4:15-5:45 tonight, New Belgium's Eric Salazar will be at the Foundry!  Like New Belgium's sour beers?  He's their sour beer guy.  Stop in and say hello, and have some of the vintage La Folies we'll have for the occasion. 

While he's in town, Eric will be part of a cool event at Julian tomorrow evening, doing an interactive blending of some New Belgium beers!  If you'd like more info, or want to reserve your spot, email

April 24, 2012

Beer Fests, and a visit from Eric Salazar

Parkville was great!  We had a great time, we hope everyone else there did as well.

Before the fest. It was not this empty for very long
Morgan and Tobias, ready to serve the masses
Ready for another beer festival here in Kansas City?  Well, you won't have to wait too much longer.  Saturday, June 9, from 5-9 PM, we'll be hosting a Summer Beer Festival.  Over 20 breweries will be on hand, with spring and summer beers - Saisons, Hefeweizens, Biere de Garde, Wit, Sours, and other Spring and Summer Seasonals.  Keep checking the Beer KC blog for ticket information.

And finally, this Thursday, April 26, head of New Belgium's sour program, Eric Salazar, will be at The Foundry!  He'll be stopping in from 4:15-5:45 with some vintage La Folie, before heading to Julian for a beer dinner (which will feature Chef Tio's special New Belgium sour blend, NBB Love).  Swing by the Foundry after work on Thursday for some great beer and a chance to talk sours, or contact info@juliankc.com or call 816-214-8454 for more information about the New Belgium dinner at Julian.


April 20, 2012

The Parkville Microfest is happening this weekend, and we'll be there!

On Saturday, April 21, the Main Street Parkville Association is hosting the 9th Annual Parkville Microfest, in downtown Parkville, and McCoy's will be there!

The beers will be bringing are -

Newcomb's IPA

Hops, hops and more hops are what make an I.P.A. an I.P.A. Complex aroma balanced with smooth, rich malt. Our IPA is hopped in the kettle and dry-hopped as well to add a refreshing resiny, citrus aroma and flavor.

These are generally medium to full bodied stouts that have an unreal smoothness to them from the addition of oats to the mash. The oats not only add a lot of smoothness to the mouth feel but give a touch of sweetness that is unlike any other type of stout. Both levels of roasted flavor and hop character will vary. Ours is very smooth and delicious – the accent is on the malt – this batch was Nitrogenated to make it oh, so creamy.

Once again, our friends at the Broadway Café put together a very special roast to complement and enhance our tasty Oatmeal stout.

McCoy’s version of a Shandy

This is a light, refreshing beer made with real Ginger and Lemonade which imparts an interesting citrusy-lemon aroma and ginger bite. Super Secret Recipe.

Blackberry Tart

A barrel-aged sour brown ale with blackberries.  It's tart, and delicious!

So while you're at the fest enjoying the day and some great beers from around the country, come by and say hello!  If you need tickets head to the Parkville Microfest site, or get some at the gate.  $25 advance, $30 day of event.  The weather looks like it's going to be perfect, not too hot to enjoy an oatmeal stout, but after some walking around, a Ginger Shandy will really hit the spot!  See you there!

April 19, 2012

A couple new German additions to the Foundry

If you're getting board with run-of-the-mill beer styles (come on, you're not really, we know, but play along), we've got a couple new and exciting bottles in at the Foundry! 

First is the 1809 Berliner Style Weisse.  It's got a nice, crispy, tart flavor, bordering on sour.  This is a fantastic beer for anyone who wants to venture into some sourer beers, but doesn't want to jump off into the deep end of some others that will pucker you up, or for someone who is looking for a great patio beer on a warm day.  Very refreshing, very well balanced.  5% in a 16.9 oz bottle, so a nice choice for a relaxing afternoon.  Quite possibly my favorite German beer.  Classically, a Berliner Weisse is served with a flavored syrup, but this one more than holds up on its own.

The other beer is another one from Germany, another one that is kind of tart, but has one key ingredient you won't find in any other beers.  It's the Leipziger Gose (gose, not gueuze.  BIG difference).  The special ingredient that makes this beer different?  Salt.  Yep, salt.  Not enough to make it salty, but enough to maybe kinda tell it's there when you drink it.  It's actually not too far off from the 1809, in that it has some tartness there, and is quite refreshing, in spite of what you might think with the salt.  It clocks in at a little under 5% ABV, and makes for another good warm-weather beer.

Something kind of interesting with the gose is that because of the addition of salt, as well as coriander, it doesn't fall under the terms of Reinheitsgebot, the German purity laws which stated that beer can only contain water, barley, and hops (yeast was added later, when they were eventually discovered to be part of the fermenting process).  It was allowed to be brewed only because it was considered a regional specialty.  Along the same lines, a beer brewed with syrup would have been against the law, but since Berliner Weisses added the syrup when served, and not when brewed, they were allowed.  Beer history is so intriguing!

Stop by the Foundry for either of these beers, or both, and let us know what you think!

April 16, 2012

I-70 Showdown Beer Dinner Recap

Last night's beer dinner, the I-70 Showdown, was a great success!  Steven Pauwels, Boulevard's brewmaster, and Schlafly's brewmaster Stephen Hale were wonderful ambassadors for each brewery, talking about their beers ("If you haven't had Tank 7 yet, shame on you," said Pauwels, before the first pairing), or giving tips on making it through airport security ("Maybe next time I won't wear my utility kilt," said Hale, airing some grievances).
Steven Pauwels of Boulevard (left) and Stephen Hale from Schlafly (right), discussing their beers.
If you weren't able to attend this dinner, here are some pictures, and a little recap.

The Menu
Up first, Boulevard's Tank 7 and Schlafly's Export IPA were paired with duck confit empanadas, with a red pepper and cilantro aioli.  Talking about starting the meal with a bang!  The empanadas were fantastic, and each beer complimented them very well.  Tank 7 pairs well with most any food, and the Export IPA was well-balanced, and worked nicely with the aioli.
The empanadas tasted even better than they looked.  And they looked good.  (Boulevard beers were served in the snifter-like tasting glasses throughout the night, Schlafly in the straight)
There was a change on the second course, as the patty-pan squash was replaced with green, white, and purple cauliflower, and the purple beans and herb vinaigrette remained.  Now, I am an unabashed lover of cauliflower, so this was a very welcome pinch-hitter.  The clean, fresh flavors from the veggies matched with the tart Two Jokers from Boulevard, and hoppy Yakima Wheat from Schlafly.  Both beers were light and refreshing, and fit the overall theme of the course.
The presentation added to the aesthetic value.  So nice.
Now, the main course - rabbit stuffed with wild rice and spinach, with fig jam and micro watercress.  To escalate the course, the rabbit was wrapped in bacon.  I keep going back and forth on which was my favorite course; this one or the empanadas.  I don't think anyone could go wrong with either.  Especially when paired with the beers served for the course - Boulevard Rye-on-Rye and Schlafly Bière de Garde.  The rye whiskey flavors of the Rye-on-Rye were well-suited for the smoky bacon and sweet fig jam.  The balanced Bière de Garde went well with the tender rabbit.  Great course, with both beers.
The watercress is hiding the fig jam, but it was there, and it was delicious.
What meal would be complete without dessert?  How about three desserts?  Paired with Imperial Stouts from each brewery, it got even better.  The mini eclair with stout cream, blackberry gelato, and chocolate wafers with mousse were all delicious, and the beers made them shine.  Boulevard's Imperial Stout had a slight tart and coffee flavor, perfect with the gelato and the chocolates.  And the 100% barrel aged Imperial Stout from Schlafly had a nice, rich flavor, which was fantastic with each dessert.  This may have been the best-paired dish of the night.  The complex beers had a little bit of something to go with each offering on the plate.
The lights turned low, to set the mood for a delicious dessert.
During the courses, both Steven Pauwels and Stephen Hale walked through the room, taking time to talk with each table, answering any questions and providing some insight to their beers.  And of course, they enjoy some of each other's work.

Steven and Stephen
There was one more special treat for everyone... Schlafly brought a beer that's still in the experimental phase, from their "Spoiler Room," an area where they're working on some sour beers.  This one was an Oud Bruin, and if it's any indication of where their sour program is, we're going to be tasting some good things.  Steven Pauwels also hinted at Boulevard's Love Child series, their own sour beer line.  Exciting times ahead for fans of both breweries!

If you made it to the dinner, give us a comment and let us know what you thought!  And if not, keep your eyes open for the next event.

Also, don't forget to head to the Foundry tomorrow night, for some ciders you won't find anywhere else.

April 10, 2012

Crispin Cider Event at The Foundry, April 17

With the warmer weather approaching, it's time to start thinking about what you want to drink while sitting on a patio (maybe McCoy's?  How about at the Foundry?).  Stouts, barleywines, double IPAs, and porters are all great styles, but they can all be a bit much.  So, something lighter while sitting in the sun.  What about not getting a beer at all?  Why not get an increasingly popular beverage - cider!

If you haven't had a cider recently, or have been avoiding them because you associate them with other, malt-based hard ciders, you should take the time to try a well made cider.  Unlike beer, a cider generally doesn't use hops, and unlike some mass produced "hard ciders," they aren't based on malt liquor.  Instead, they're crafted from fruit juice, usually apple, and fermented with a yeast that gives it a nice depth of flavor.  And from 4-8 PM on April 17th, you'll have the chance to try four fantastic ciders from Crispin at The Foundry, including a few rare taps!

Crispin Original is their refreshing original cider.  Crisp, clean, and light, and very apple-forward.

The Bohemian is a new, limited offering, and different take on the cider - fermented with Pilsner yeast.  The Foundry is the only place in Missouri that will have this one!

Marvin is another limited release from Crispin.  This cider is fermented with stout yeast, and aged in oak barrels, with dark chocolate and cherry!

Finally, the last limited release cider is Wonderwall - a pear cider, aged in Zinfandel barrels.  This is another that you can't get anywhere else in Missouri.

I don't know about you, but these are all making me thirsty.  Come out on the 17th and try a flight of all four beers for only $9.  It's the perfect chance to catch up on what you've been missing by not drinking ciders, or to get a taste of a few ciders you can only get at The Foundry!  Hope to see you here next week.  Cheers!

April 06, 2012

Middle Of the Map Fest at McCoy's

A quick update - the I-70 Showdown Beer Dinner has sold out!  Thanks to everyone who got a ticket, this should be a great event.  If you missed out this time, keep checking here for the next dinner.

Heading out to take part in Middle Of the Map Fest this weekend?  Stop by McCoy's, where we'll have shows on both Friday and Saturday!

Tonight, it's a night of some local folk and Americana, with Sara Swenson & the Pearl Snaps starting the show at 10 pm -

At 11, Dollar Fox will take the stage -

Then The Grisly Hand will close out the night, at midnight -

All Kansas City products!!

Saturday kicks off at 10 pm again, with Beau Jennings & The Tigers from Austin, TX, leading the way -

Followed by St. Louis's Sleepy Kitty at 11 -

Kansas City's Blackbird Revue wraps up the show at midnight -

So swing by for some great music and great beers!

Also, Beer Kitchen, McCoy's, and the Foundry will all be open on Easter Sunday.  Beer Kitchen will open at 9 am, McCoy's at 10, and the Foundry at 4 pm.  Get brunch at the Beer Kitchen Sunday morning, or get a drink that afternoon.  We hope everyone has a great weekend, and that we see you soon!  Cheers!

April 04, 2012

I-70 Showdown Beer Dinner - Boulevard vs. Schlafly

Ahh, the blog is back from vacation, re-energized!  And not a moment too soon.  We're under two weeks away from our next beer dinner at Beer Kitchen!  It's going to be a good one - on Sunday, April 15, at 6:30 pm, we'll be pitting the two largest craft breweries in Missouri, St. Louis's Schlafly vs. Kansas City's hometown Boulevard, against each other in the I-70 Showdown Beer Dinner.  Even better?  The brewmasters from each brewery will be in attendance.  Boulevard's Steven Pauwels and Schlafly's Stephen Hale will be on hand to talk about the beers, and answer any questions you might have.

Beer Kitchen's I-70 Showdown Beer Dinner Menu
The two breweries will be going head-to-head over four courses, starting with Boulevard's Tank 7 going up against Schlafly's Export IPA, paired with duck confit empenadas with red pepper and cilantro aioli.  This is going to be a fantastic start to the night.  I mean, duck confit empenadas?  And the beers!  Tank 7 is a great saison/farmhouse style beer from Boulevard, one of their year-round Smokestack series releases.  Schlafly's Export IPA is no slouch, either.  This English-style India Pale Ale is a special seasonal release, only available for a few months in the spring.

The second course is Boulevard Two Jokers vs. one of Schlafly's newest releases, Yakima Wheat, with marinated patty-pan squash, purple beans and broccoli with herb vinaigrette.  A "double-wit," Boulevard's Two Jokers is a light, refreshing, and slightly tart Belgian witbier, perfect for a warm spring day.  Currently, it's in retirement, though Boulevard has left the door open for a return in the future.  The Schlafly Yakima Wheat is a hoppy wheat beer, featuring hops from Washington's Yakima Valley, and a new addition to their Brewer's Choice Series.  Both of these beers are pretty limited, and may be hard to get in the coming months, so to have them both in one course is quite the treat!

Next is the entree, wild rice and spinach stuffed rabbit, fig jam, and micro watercress, paired with the Boulevard Bourbon Barrel Quad and Schlafly Bière de Garde.  A big hitter from each brewery.  Boulevard's "BBQ" is a big, boozy, Belgian beer.  A quad, aged in bourbon barrels with cherries.  It's a limited release Smokestack Series beer, so if you didn't get your hands on a bottle, here's your chance!  It'll have some stiff competition from Schlafly's offering, a rich farmhouse ale, their Bière de Garde.  Thankfully, this one is available year-round in a 750 ml bottle.  It's a little sweeter, with a more subtle spiciness than the similar saison style ale.

What dinner would be complete without dessert?  We'll have a couple imperial stouts to go along with chocolate wafers with mousse, mini eclair with a stout cream, and blackberry gelato.  Boulevard brings its 2011 Imperial Stout, and Schlafly will have their Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout.  Boulevard's version is another in their limited release Smokestack Series, and is another big beer.  It's only the second release of the beer, one that we hope keeps coming back.  If we get impatient, though, Schlafly's Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout is a year-round release in their Wood-Aged Reserve Series, and is more than worthy.  Another boozy beer, it's an exceptional imperial stout.  It'll be very cool to have these side-by-side for a comparison.  I think we'll all be winners here!

A ticket for the dinner and eight beers, most of which are in limited supplies around town, are available for $50 per person, with tax and gratuity included.  To get yours, come visit us at Beer Kitchen, or call us at 816-389-4180.  We hope to see you there for this exciting match up!