May 23, 2013

A block party, a beer fest, a beer dinner. What more do you need?!

This Sunday, after you get done mainlining all 15 episodes of Arrested Development, head to Westport at 8 pm for the annual Kelly's Westport Inn & McCoy's Public House Block Party - $5 gets you in for live music, food and drink specials, and more, as we celebrate another year of two institutions!

And while you're thinking about it, pick up your tickets for another party next month in Westport. The Summer Beer Festival is coming up on June 15th! $25 will get you in with a souvenir glass and tastes of of some delicious, delicious beers. Plus, proceeds benefit Aids Walk Kansas City, so it's for a very good cause. Get your tickets at before they go up to $30 the day of the event. If there are any left!

Alright, so I had teased that the next beer dinner would be EPIC...

Yeah, 10 courses, 10 beers. 10 beers from the New Belgium Lips of Faith series. This is exciting to me, and it should be for you. First of all, the food. It's always great, but four cheese courses? General Tso's Lobster? SEA SCALLOP TACO???? Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. And then the beers. This is an excellent chance to try a variety of high quality suds. Plus there are some beers new to the area that you may only see at this dinner... Paardebloem (Flemish for dandelion - a beer bittered with dandelions with some wild Belgian yeasts and grains of paradise and I want it right now) and Pluot (a plum and apricot make a baby fruit and it hangs out with Brettanomyces). This is going to be fun. $65 covers everything - your seat, the food, the beer, the tax, and the gratuity. Hurry up, this one will probably fill up fast! Call Beer Kitchen at (816) 389-4180 and get your spot today!

May 17, 2013

The work week is over, but American Craft Beer Week continues!

How's everyone's American Craft Beer Week going so far? Have you been to any of Beer KC's events?

The Randyl'd beers were great! Strawberry basil Good Farmhouse was a treat (slight change from the originally planned Ginger Shandy, but it worked so well)...

...and the Boulevard bottle signing event was a hit!

Trip, Steven, and John gave their signing hand muscles a workout
And yep, that's a Love Child #2. A Boulevard fan brought in her 4 bottles of it!!
Tonight and tomorrow there aren't any scheduled events, but Beer Kitchen still has their $30, three-course beer dinner going tonight through Sunday! Also on Sunday at the Foundry - a free Odell Flagship tasting from 4-6 pm. It's tough to be free beer, especially from a brewery as great as Odell!

One last order of business for Friday - grab your advance tickets for the Summer Beer Festival! It's less than a month away... time flies, so save yourself $5 and get them now at


May 09, 2013

American Craft Beer Week 2013

First off, a very heartfelt and enthusiastic congratulations to Beer KC's own Director of Beer Randyl Danner, as she and her husband Boulevard Brewing icon Jeremy welcomed their son Cooper Del early this morning! Raise a pint to them tonight!

And now for the second-most anticipated event of May... American Craft Brew Week starts Monday, May 13th, and Beer KC will have activities for you all week.

Starting Monday, Beer Kitchen will be offering a three course food and beer pairing for both lunch and dinner, available for only $30! This deal will be running all week long, so come in and have a your own personal beer dinner! Speaking of beer dinners, the next one will be taking place in June, and it will be EPIC. I don't use that word lightly. The official announcement will take place during ACBW, so keep your eyes peeled. You won't want to miss it!

Monday will also be Randyl Monday! McCoy's will have the delicious Ginger Shandy Randyl'd with mangos and chili peppers along with the Lunch Pale Ale with strawberries and basil. Mmmm.... both are great combinations. They'll be on all day, so stop by and grab a pint of each!

Then come by on Tuesday at 4 pm for the McCoy's Maibock release party! McCoy's and the Foundry will both have the Maibock on tap, $7 gets you a pour and a commemorative mug. Refills will be cheaper. Unless you want more mugs. Then you pay $7 for it and beer again.

Wednesday's going to be a special day at the Foundry. From 6-8:30 Boulevard founder John McDonald, brewmaster Steven Pauwels, and long-time legendary employee Trip Hogue will be on hand to sign bottles!! Purchase a bottle at the Foundry, or bring in your own special bottle from your collection. Maybe get Trip's autograph next to his face on a bottle of Long Strange Tripel. Or maybe you have a bottle from the first run of Chocolate Ale you'd like to have signed by all three. You could even buy a bottle of Love Child #3 at the Foundry! So many options.

The event Thursday brings a classic pairing together again. Pints and Pretzels. Choose from 4 different pairings at McCoy's and Foundry, or don't make a choice and get all 4. It's American Craft Beer Week, it only comes around once a year. Live a little!

Friday and Saturday you'll have to be on your own. I'm sure you kids will find something fun to do, you always do. But make sure you save some energy for Sunday, because the Foundry will be having a free tasting of the flagship beers from Odell! Come make friends with a new beer, become reacquainted with an old beer flame, or just drink some damn good free samples. The fun will run from 4-6, so come and get your tastes in and then figure out what you'll want the rest of the night.

You know you want to be cool and let all your friends know you're going to be taking part in the fun, so let them know by RSVP'ing on our Facebook American Craft Beer Week Events page.

And don't forget to get your ticket for the Summer Beer Fest! Buy it in advance and save yourself $5. They're $25 now, and will be $30 the day of at the gate (if tickets remain).

There will be some more very cool stuff coming up soon... keep checking here or the Facebook pages for the announcements!

May 03, 2013

Summer Beer Festival tickets on sale NOW!

Last week's Parkville Micro Fest might have been a little wet, but it was a lot of fun! McCoy's went through the Blackberry Tart in a hurry, followed by the IPA Randyl'd with watermelon. If you were around at the right point, you may have been able to grab a taste of the Ginger Shandy Randyl'd through the watermelon. Sadly, I wasn't there for that, but I heard it was delicious!

Right before the Blackberry Tart keg blew
Even if it was a little chilly and a little damp, TONS of people turned out. It was fun
Ready for the next festival? Beer KC's 3rd Annual Summer Beer Festival is coming up on June 15th, and tickets are now on sale! $25 gets you your ticket, a commemorative glass, and a chance to taste over 80 beers from more than 30 breweries. Buy your tickets online at