August 04, 2010

Pics - Wild Ale Dinner

Dinner was hosted by McCoy's brewmaster Keith Thompson

Chilled sorrel & split pea vichysoisse paired with Jolly Pumpin's E.S. Bam

Jolly Pumpkin's E.S.Bam: hoppy farmhouse ale with Brettanomyces - 4.7% ABV

Grilled radicchio salad with Maytag blue cheese, candied pecans & maple balsamic vinaigrette served with New Belgium's Fall Wild Ale: Abbey-style dubbel spiced with Schisandra berries, then fermented with Trappist yeast & brettanomyces - 8.5% ABV

Roulade of sole, crab and spinach with a cucumber-tomato beurre blanc with Mikkeller's It's Alive! This dish was out of control...

Mikkeller's It's Alive! Strong Belgian pale ale with brettanomyces; Mikkeller's tribute to Belgian Trappist beer legend/Kansas City collaborator Orval - 8% ABV

Goat cheese & sour cherry ice cream with Italy's Panil Barrique - triple fermented Flanders red ale (first in the tank, then in Bordeaux cognac barrels, then bottle conditioned) - 8%ABV. Yum!!!

Tickets are on sale now for the September edition of our monthly Brewmaster's Dinners which will be on Tuesday, September 7. We're keeping things interesting as we sample Mikkeller's innovative Yeast Series - the same beer made 5 times with 5 different yeasts - Belgian, hefeweizen, lager, US ale & brettanomyces. Not only are we sampling the complete yeast series, but we've got one of the only kegs in the United States of Mikkeller's Texas Ranger chipotle porter! Tickets are only $50 including tax & gratuity. Come by or call us at (816) 960-0866 to make your reservations ASAP. Cheers!


  1. Dang, really sorry I missed it! I heard my hubby and daughter/son in law had a great time sitting with the Blogster and companion. Looking forward to the next one!

  2. Its always a pleasure to visit with you guys - see you in a few weeks!