December 02, 2010

Now on Tap - Belgian Dubbel

Now on tap: the 2010 release of our Belgian-Style Dubbel. A rich malty beer with some spicy/phenolic and mild alcoholic characteristics. Traditionally a Trappist ale, many breweries creat similar "Abbey Dubbels" in an attempt to emulate originals like Westvleteren 8, Westmalle Dubbel & Chimay. Spicy Belgian yeast and a dark malty body compliment notes of dried fruit and mild charred oak. There are plenty of flavors to pick out on this one!

Brewer’s specs:

Malt: Pale, Brewer’s, Munich, CaraPils, Chocolate, Vienna & Biscuit

Hops: Hallertaur, Perle & Styrian Goldings

OG. 21 Plato
8.8% ABV

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