September 12, 2012


Mmmm so tasty!
Tomorrow (Thursday, September 13th), McCoy's will be tapping a special brew - the McCoy's Oatmeal Stout, kicked up with chipotle peppers and cinnamon! This clocks in a little over 6% ABV, so it's a drinkable smooth stout, with a little bite. And that's not all that makes this beer special... Julian's Celina Tio showed up, and helped on the brew day. This is going to be quite the treat!

There are a couple other special beers that will be on tap at McCoy's in the next few days. Right now, the IPA is back, this time with a slight English spin. A little maltier, not quite as hop-forward as American IPAs, but not any less delicious.

The next beer is special for the Caffeine Crawl taking place this weekend. You may be familiar with the tasty Toddy Stout that McCoy's brews, but coming soon, they'll have a different version of it. The Indian Monsoon Brown. It's the McCoy's Hogpound Brown, with a special Indian Monsoon Coffee twist, specially roasted by Broadway Roastery. Keep an eye out for it. I know the Toddy Stout is one of my favorites, so there are high hopes for this one!

One last special event coming up in a couple weeks. September 25th will be the release of McCoy's Oktoberfest! You'll get a delicious beer, in a special glass you can take home! We'll get you some more details as the day gets nearer, but keep the night free. It'll be fun.

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