November 05, 2012

Get out and vote, then come out and have a drink!

Hopefully everyone is ready to make their voice heard tomorrow, and will get out and vote! To provide a little more motivation (not that you should need motivation to vote, but, just in case...), bring in your "I VOTED" sticker to Beer Kitchen, The Foundry, or McCoy's, and receive a free beverage! Just ask your server for details. And might as well stick around and join the watch party as the results come in. Drown your sorrows or cheers the victories, we'll have you covered.

A HUGE thanks to everyone who made the 2012 Strong Ale Fest a great success! The weather couldn't have been much better, the beers couldn't have been much tastier, and the crowd was fantastic. 

 As the fest went on, my photography skills got... more artistic.
McCoy's beers were ready for the day, and didn't disappoint!
This is where things go arty
It's hard to pick a standout beer from so many great ones on hand. The St. Louis breweries were great, and will be welcome additions to the Kansas City beer landscape when they make their way here. Mother's had some excellent beers as well, including Uber Pils and Thing 2. And Boulevard's Rye-on-Rye and Saison Brett are always crowd-pleasers (not to mention the rest of the beers they had). Then there's the bleu cheese hand cranked sausage. Oh my delicious.

What were some of your favorites? 

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