December 19, 2012

Seeking a beer for the end of the world

Did you get your Ursa Major fix last night? The 2012 version is mighty fine. It's got just a hint of oaky flavor from the barrel, and loads of smooth roasty chocolaty stouty flavor. It's a big, deep beer. Complex. A sipper that gets even better as it warms. And it'll warm you up. Not enough to convince you to head to McCoy's or the Foundry to try it? Well...

What about a special "Oh #@% the Mayans were right!" edition of Ursa Major? This Friday, Dec 21, McCoy's will be tapping Dark Rift - 2012 Ursa Major blended with a toddy made from Mayan coffee beans and XtabentĂșn, a honey anise rum liqueur. Our attempt to appease those who might bring our demise. Or just to have a dang good beer so we won't notice when all comes crumbling down. Since the Mayans didn't leave us an exact time for the end of everything, McCoy's will have Dark Rift on tap starting at 11 am on Friday. (It was originally going to be Thursday, but we've decided to tempt fate and go ahead with it on Friday. It's more appeasing on that day.)
Pictured: the other Dark Rift
As if that wasn't enough incentive, McCoy's will have ANOTHER specialty beer tapped Thursday afternoon, the 20th. This will be the Oatmeal Stout with juniper berries! A very "wintry" combination. Or maybe kind of a little gin-like. Either way, I think I'll like it.

(For some background on where Dark Rift got its name, check out NASA here - - debunking all of our fun)

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