February 16, 2013

Grain vs. Grape: Round 3

Coming up on March 4, Cellar Rat's Jarrod Finn will be coming to Beer Kitchen with some wine! The popular Grain Versus Grape dinner is back, this time pitting French wines against Belgian (style) beers in a five-course showdown. Take a look at this menu -

There's a lot there, and while I'm not familiar with the specific wines, the beers are all great. There are a couple beers on the sour side, a couple maltier beers, and a very nice saison. And the food sounds like it will be fantastic. I'm looking forward to learning about the wines, and seeing how each pairing works for both the wine and the beer. And how the wine compares with the beer. And the food.

Book your spot now by coming into Beer Kitchen, or call (816) 389-4180 and make a reservation! $65 per person, or $120 for a couple. Price includes five courses, each with a wine and a beer pairing, tax, and gratuity.

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