May 17, 2013

The work week is over, but American Craft Beer Week continues!

How's everyone's American Craft Beer Week going so far? Have you been to any of Beer KC's events?

The Randyl'd beers were great! Strawberry basil Good Farmhouse was a treat (slight change from the originally planned Ginger Shandy, but it worked so well)...

...and the Boulevard bottle signing event was a hit!

Trip, Steven, and John gave their signing hand muscles a workout
And yep, that's a Love Child #2. A Boulevard fan brought in her 4 bottles of it!!
Tonight and tomorrow there aren't any scheduled events, but Beer Kitchen still has their $30, three-course beer dinner going tonight through Sunday! Also on Sunday at the Foundry - a free Odell Flagship tasting from 4-6 pm. It's tough to be free beer, especially from a brewery as great as Odell!

One last order of business for Friday - grab your advance tickets for the Summer Beer Festival! It's less than a month away... time flies, so save yourself $5 and get them now at


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