July 02, 2013

The return of Blackberry Tart

McCoy's Public House Sign
Great news - not only is this a short work week, but McCoy's is going to make it even sweeter (or in this case tarter) with their Blackberry Tart!

Tomorrow (Wednesday, July 3rd), we'll be tapping the beer, with an added bonus... The final keg of the first batch of Blackberry Tart will be tapped along with the first keg of the new batch. We'll have a flight option so you can try them side-by-side and see what some aging can do for the beer. The weather looks like it'll be absolutely gorgeous, so get your holiday weekend started with a delicious beer! The beer will be tapped when McCoy's opens at 11 am -- $6 for a full pour, $3.50 for a pony, and 7 for a flight of two full pony pours!

In case you haven't had a chance to try the Blackberry Tart, don't go in expecting a standard beer with some blackberry flavor. This one's sour and will make you pucker! Having the last batch next to the new batch will be a great opportunity to find how a sour beer ages. The "bugs" (wild yeast strains, different than the usual ones used in making beer) that make the beer sour will have had more time, so it should be a little drier and tarter than the new batch. I'm really looking forward to having one of my all-time favorites back!

Also, we'll be open regular hours on Thursday, so celebrate the 4th of July with us! Come before, during, or after the fireworks and have a pint of beer brewed right here in Westport and give a toast to America's birthday.

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  1. As the saying goes: If you don't have a Blackberry Tart, you don't have 'merica in your heart.