August 01, 2013

McCoy's Sticke Alt now on tap!

Looking to expand your beer horizons this weekend? Come out and try the latest from McCoy's, a collaboration with Gordon Biersch - Sticke Alt. This is a little bit stronger than a usual Altbier, dark and malty and smooooooth. Maybe smoooove. Do people say that? Either way, it's good, and on tap now at both McCoy's and the Foundry.

Bad phone picture, good beer
Or if you're looking to join in the IPA Day celebration, the Foundry has Boulevard's Pop-Up IPA on tap! It's a sessionable IPA, clocking in at only 4.2% ABV. All of the hops you want in an IPA, but you can have one or two without feeling overcome by alcohol like you might with some of the bigger boys.

Don't forget that the beer dinner featuring heirloom tomatoes from Kurlbaum's Farm is just around the corner! It's coming up Monday, August 5th, at 7 pm. If you're not familiar with heirloom tomatoes, read this great blog post from The History Kitchen about the history of heirloom seeds. It's amazing to know that you're eating fruits and vegetables that trace back hundreds of years! 

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