September 13, 2013

Get your cask on

It's starting to feel a little more like September, which means absolutely beautiful patio weather. And right now McCoy's has two cask beers that are perfect for sipping on their patio!

First up is the Chai Tea Brown ale. The always popular Hog Pound Brown with chai spices. Mmm. Kind of warming for nights that are getting cooler. Or, just delicious on days that are not 100 degrees (it'd probably be delicious on days that are 100 degrees too. From the comfort of air conditioning).

Cherry Stout Cask. Yeah, I was sitting at the bar, but come on,
there were important baseball and football games on!
Then there's a Cherry Stout cask. McCoy's Oatmeal Stout primed with a kriek lambic. Oooooh so good. It's not overly sweet, only a hint of cherry. The combination works well, giving a smooth and tasty treat. Again, dang fine on an autumn-like night.

What are your plans for the weekend? Stop into McCoy's for one of the casks, or any of the other fine crafted beers on tap (fresh Pilsner and Lunch Box Pale Ale, too!).

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