February 06, 2014

Beers (and a beer dinner) that'll make braving the cold worthwhile

Have you been able to dig yourself out of the snow? Then you deserve to treat yourself! McCoy's, The Foundry, and Beer Kitchen are all back on normal schedules, ready to get some warm food and cold drinks in you. The Foundry has Hopslam on tap, and it is goooooooooood. Get it today before it's gone. Hmm, what other beers are coming out soon.... like and keep an eye on all of the Beer KC restaurants on Facebook for upcoming special releases - The Foundry, McCoy's, Beer Kitchen.

And did you know Beer KC now has an Instagram account? Check it out at instagram.com/beer_kc. You might see beers that are newly stocked like this one from last week...

And coming Monday is the annual Grain Vs. Grape beer dinner! Take a look at this menu -

YUM. Grain is looking to regain its rightful place at the top after taking a tough loss last year, so come help us stuff the ballot box. Call 816-389-4180 for more information.

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