April 12, 2014

The season for saisons

(Disclaimer: These are from a couple of nights ago, so things may have changed since then. Better come investigate for yourself!)

There's a lot of good stuff happening on the taps at The Foundry, ranging from a nice cinnamon apple cider (the Cider Boys Mad Bark) to a big imperial stout (4 Hands Bona Fide), and plenty in between. But for something refreshing to sip on a patio, it's hard to beat a nice farmhouse or saison. And there are a few excellent choices on the wall.

The Jolly Pumpkin Baudelaire iO is fantastic, brewed with rose hips, petals, and hibiscus. It's got some sourness to it, but stays light and refreshing. At a little under 7% alcohol by volume, it's not overpowering and but has some body to it. And it's a treat to have it on tap. (A good rule is to get any Jolly Pumpkin beer you see on tap. This Michigan brewery continues to put out wonderful beers.)

Getting a little closer to home and sticking with a floral saison, Perennial's Saison de Lis comes to us from St. Louis, and is brewed with chamomile flowers. The saison yeast gives it a little spiciness while the chamomile rounds it out with a light, fragrant touch. This beer sits around 5% ABV, so it's perfect for an afternoon tipple.

Prairie Artisan Ales are fairly new to the Kansas City area, but they've already impressed. Their Birra is a crisp, light, sessionable farmhouse, very refreshing and easy to drink. If you're looking for a "light" beer to enjoy, this one is only 4.5% ABV but still has a ton of flavor. The best of both worlds!

Finally, the farmhouse beer you should all know and love, Boulevard's Tank 7. It's a hoppy delight, dry and kind of spicy, exactly what the style should be. Kansas City's hometown heroes did an amazing job with this one, and at 8.5%, it'll take care of you into the night.

What are some of your favorite saisons, either that you have had in Kansas City or anywhere else on your travels?

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