June 19, 2014

World Cup and beer bottles a'plenty!

Want a perfect combo for watching the USMNT play Portugal in the World Cup on Sunday? Head to McCoy's and grab a house brew, or go to Foundry and get a bottle of Boulevard's Championship Ale, brewed for Sporting Kansas City's MLS championship!

Or if you're looking for something to pucker your lips, Foundry has bottles Love Child #4 available. There are a couple other bottles of tart beer too - Grassroots Arctic Soiree is a nice one from a collaboration between Anchorage and Hill Farmstead, and Justin Blaeber is a delicious blueberry Berliner Weisse from Evil Twin. Or compare and contrast between a bottle and a draft pour of Zwet.be wild porter from 3 Fonteinen. Get funky!

Also at the Foundry, you'll find a nice collection of cool stuff from Stone Brewing. Vertical Epic 11.11.11 is on tap now, with a few years of age on it. Then in the beer cooler you'll find Crime, Punishment, and Collective Distortion - a rockin' collaborative Double IPA.

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