May 24, 2010

KC Beerfest

This past Saturday marked the 4th annual Kansas City Beerfest which was held in Westport this year. The intersection of Pennsylvania & Westport was jam-packed with thirsty beer enthusiasts on one of 2010's hottest days so, as you can imagine, cold beverages were in high-demand. While it was definitely unfortunate that most of the selection was picked over well before the end of the event, in the end it was a great day to be outside drinking beer with a few thousand people, all while supporting a charitable organization.

The entrance to Beerfest; this year's glasses were some pretty sweet snifters!

The line to get in was quite long, but moved very fast thanks to plenty of volunteers.

The view from McCoy's front door.

Our draft offerings for the event.

The Hefeweizen was quite popular given the heat.

There were lots of interesting comments about the hops & barley we had displayed, but there are definitely some new fans of lupulin in KC!

Many thanks to those of you who made it out to support the Kansas City Free Health Clinic and enjoy some damn fine beers in the process. Cheers!

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