September 15, 2010

Now on Tap - Ancho Brown

This ancho daddy's beer! We are proud to announce the second batch of our Hogpound Brown ale spiced with smoked & dried Poblano peppers - aka Ancho chiles. Poblanos are a mild Mexican chile pepper popular in mole sauces, or stuffed with cheese as chile rellenos, but when dried the Poblanos become known as Ancho chiles. We took 2 kegs of Hogpound Brown and loaded them with Anchos to give the beer a substantial pepper flavor with just a hint of heat due to the malty sweetness of the ale. The resulting beer is a unique balancing act of peppery spice & caramely sweetness. An excellent beer to be enjoyed on a rainy day like this or paired with spicy foods - particularly our Big Cheese hamburger with pepper jack cheese - this is a very limited experimental batch that won't last long! Coming soon: Oktoberfest.

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