April 22, 2011

Now on Tap - Citra DIPA

We just tapped a fresh batch our insanely delicious Citra Double IPA.  This beer is hopped exclusively using Citra hops, a relatively new American hop variety bred for its intense tropical fruit & juicy citrus characteristics. Citra hops were originally grown on a small, 3-acre plot of land in the Pacific Northwest developed primarily by Sierra Nevada Brewing for use in their Torpedo Extra IPA back in 2008. We also added 50lbs. of locally-sourced honey to the boil to provide some residual sweetness; while primary fermentation was done with our house ale yeast, we also pitched champagne yeast to give the beer a bit of a drier finish & bubbly effervescence. This is an excellent example of the recent trend in Double IPAs showcasing the sweeter, fruity & juicy flavors of American hops. 

Brewer's specs:

Malt: 85% Pale 2-row, 10% Vienna, 5% malted white wheat

50lbs. of honey added to 105 minute boil

Hops: Citra, added at 10 different times from start to finish

Fermented 7 days at 19C with McCoy's house ale yeast, finished with champagne yeast

SG 23.6 Plato
90+ IBU
11% ABV

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