April 20, 2011

The Arrogance is Here

Yesterday Stone Brewing Company's beers finally became legal to purchase in Missouri.  California native and Stone rep Nate Sellergren has been living in Kansas City the last few months gathering information about our beer culture and invited many of the local bloggers & social media outlets to the Foundry for an informal press release with CEO & co-founder Greg Koch yesterday morning.  Greg spoke to the relatively small & tight-knit group (which was actually nearly twice the size of St. Louis' press party) for about an hour, answering questions and discussing the past, present and future of his brewery.  It was an opportunity for Kansas City beer geeks to meet Greg and sample some of his highly sought-after beers before the general public.  We were proud to host the event and we welcome Stone to Missouri with great excitement and anticipation for tonight's Total Tap Takeover - 23 tap handles dedicated to nothing but Stone beers!  After all, it is 4/20...time to get Stoned. 

The man, the myth, the legend - Greg Koch.  10:00am is way too early for "GregFace"

Free food?  Yes, please.  The Foundry's signature seared ahi-tuna tacos.

A mere glimpse into the madness that will ensue tonight when the entire wall of 23 taps will flow with arrogance.

Foundry's Red Rockets - kobe beef corndog lollipops

Greg schooling KC on Stone's humble beginnings as a draft-only brewery to their global dominance as they plan to infiltrate Europe: "I'm going to say something outrageous...Europe is desperately behind the United States in terms of brewing."  Nice!  Members of KC Beer Blog, KC Wort Hog, BrewManiacs, AboutKC and more were all in attendance - click those links!

Greg with Mark & Tim from the Hopry.

See you at the Foundry tonight at 8:00!

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