August 08, 2012

Dog Days and the next Beer Dinner

Saturday's Dog Days of Summer was a great end to Base Camp! There were some great beers from Deschutes, including some goodies in Woody. If you missed it, you might find a few of the beers still around. . . The Foundry has Black Butte XXIV on tap, and Beer Kitchen still has some of the Black Butte XXIII! The Horse Ridge IPA went pretty quickly at McCoy's, so get here and try these before they're gone.

Getting the Black Butte XXIII marked off on the passport
Fans lining up for Woody!

We have another exciting event coming up in a few short weeks, as it's once again time for our annual vegetarian beer dinner.

On Monday, August 20th, Beer Kitchen will host a five-course Summer Harvest Vegetarian Dinner, featuring local produce!

You may recognize the Leipziger Gose from an earlier post, in a lineup of fantastic beers. After the gose, there's a great Belgian Strong Ale, a delicious Scotch ale, one of the best porters around, and then an excellent local beer, "Randyl'd" with something special! And the food features local produce, appealing to the vegetarian fans! 

$50 will get your ticket, and includes all food and beers on the menu, tax, and gratuity for the night! Call 816-389-4180 to reserve your spot!

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