August 17, 2012

The Great Nebraska Beer Fest Approaches!

No plans next weekend? Why not make a weekend trip to Papillion, Nebraska, for the Great Nebraska Beer Fest! We'll have beer available there, including our Ginger Shandy, Kolsch, ESB, and Pacific Jade DPA. There's a great list of breweries that will be at the fest, many that we don't usually see around these parts! Here are a few highlights - 

A great brewery out of the land of great breweries, Colorado. Fort Collins to be specific. They generally make saisons, and make them very well. Tropic King is a favorite of mine, but they're all top-notch. As far as I know, you can't get their bottles outside of Colorado, so it's a treat for them to be this far away from home!
Another that doesn't get too far from its home state, Cigar City has been making some fine beers in Tampa, FL. The Jai Alai is a great IPA, and I'm really intrigued by the Cucumber Saison and the Good Gourd Imperial Pumpkin Ale.

This one is near my heart, as it's from the city where I was born, Davenport, IA. Their Red Band Stout is ridiculously good. If you like coffee stouts, seek this one out. Granted, that's the one beer I've had from them, but it was fantastic. I'm excited to try more.

Another from my home state. What can I say, I'm a sucker. But Peace Tree earns it, making a wide variety of tasty, tasty beers in Knoxville, IA. At last year's fest, they had a version of their Cornucopia Saison with Brett that was AMAZING. My favorite beer at the fest. This year, they're bringing a Wild Templeton Red, a beer that has gotten nothing but rave reviews from those who have had it. 

Of course, Missouri and Kansas breweries will be well-represented, too! KC will have McCoy's, Boulevard, and soon-to-be newcomer Cinder Block. Some of our friends from St. Louis will be on hand as well - Morgan Street, 4 Hands, Schlafly, Cathedral Square, and Perennial. 23rd St, Little Apple, Blind Tiger, Free State, and Tallgrass will be part of the Kansas contingency. And then there are lots of smaller breweries and even home brewed beers that will be there.

I could go on and on listing many more of the breweries, but then I'd just end up with the list posted on the site. So check it out, and hopefully we'll see you there next weekend! 

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