January 05, 2013

We've got 2013 covered

So you made a resolution to drink better beer in 2013. Good choice. At Beer KC, we have options.

For example. The Foundry now has Sierra Nevada's Imperial Stout, Narwhal on tap. It's a complex, big beer, with a 99 on Ratebeer.com. So you could do worse than start your New Year's resolution there. Plus, the label is pretty killer. I mean, look at it -

So hardcore. The narwhal is the perfect combination of whale and unicorn. This beer's the perfect combination of malts, hops, and bold flavors.

If you want to stay local, well then, there's another beautiful stout made right here in Westport. Ursa Major is still on tap at McCoy's, and this year's version is mighty mighty good. If that sounds a little heavy for you though, the crowd-pleasing Ginger Shandy is back on tap! Hurry and get some before it's gone (and if/when the keg blows, don't worry, it'll only be gone for a short while, until we get more made. You guys go through that one in a hurry!). The McCoy's Winter Warmer is on tap, just in time for... well, it looks like some warmer temperatures are coming for Kansas City. So just have one because it's delicious.

Even better - get a growler of your favorite McCoy's beer! If you don't already have one of our 30 oz growlers, you can buy one with the beer, and take it to share your resolution with friends. Spread the gospel of good local beer. Or keep it for yourself, we wouldn't blame you. Bring the growler back to refill it, and you'll save a couple bucks. Another resolution you can check off - be wiser with money. Man, we're going through these things, you better make a couple more.

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