November 27, 2013

Get your holidays started with Beer KC

Get your Turkey Day growlers filled with delicious McCoy's beers today, because they'll be closed on Thanksgiving. You can still bring your family (or get away from them) tomorrow at Beer Kitchen and The Foundry! Both open at 6 pm, so you've got a place to go after your afternoon nap. And if you just want to get those growlers refilled, bring them over to The Foundry and they'll take care of you.

What beers can you get? Right now we have Bright Lager, Unfiltered Wheat, Raspberry Wheat, Ginger Shandy, Newcom's IPA, Imperial IPA, Fresh Hop ESB, and Hog Pound Brown. Who needs can-shaped cranberry sauce when you can have Raspberry Wheat with your dinner? And a Hog Pound Brown would go really well with stuffing...

And don't forget, while you're out doing your Black Friday shopping, get your Beer KC gear! Sweatshirts, workshirts, hats, and accessories are available at McCoy's. Or call Beer Kitchen at 816-389-4180 to get your spot for your next feast - the Feast of Samichlaus - coming up on December 9th.

Then, coming up about a week after the Feast of Samichlaus is one you've been waiting to come around since last winter. It's once again time for Ursa Major to return!! McCoy's imperial stout will return December 17th. We hope you don't have much going on December 18th. Take a look at this beauty from last year -

Get ready for the 17th. It's going to be a fun night.

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