August 11, 2014

Sierra Nevada Beer Camp comes to Beer KC

Beer KC is your spot to try some beers in Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp series! Your first chance will be tonight, when Beer Kitchen will be tapping Maillard's Odyssey, a Sierra Nevada/Bell's collaboration. This is an Imperial Dark Ale, named after a process that occurs in brewing -
Maillard reaction—the “browning” of sugars and amino acids—that creates the wonderful caramelized toffee-like and roasted flavors so abundant in this beer.
This will be tapped at 4 pm TODAY! Maillard's Odyssey has a 99 on RateBeer, so it'll be going fast. It won't be the only special beer tapped today, however. Beer Kitchen will also be putting on Bell's Third Coast Ale - a fantastic old ale - and Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Harvest - a fresh-hopped IPA, featuring New Zealand hops. Full and half pours will be available of each of the beer.

The next opportunity to try some Beer Camp offerings will come next week, when The Foundry taps Maillard's Odyssey alongside the New Glarus collaborated There and Back, an English bitter, and the Three Floyds Chico King, a pale ale. New Glarus and Three Floyds are two legendary Midwestern breweries with very limited distribution (as in barely gets out of their states of Wisconsin and Indiana, respectively). They'll be on tap at Foundry on Wednesday, August 20th at 4 pm. Be there. To sweeten the deal, the excellent Sierra Nevada Torpedo (extra IPA) will also be tapped.

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