January 07, 2011

Fat City on the Tur-duck-en Burger

Jonathan Bender, writer at the Pitch's Fat City food & beverage blog, visited Beer Kitchen to try the infamous Tur-duck-en Burger - our take on the not-so-traditional Thanksgiving dish  that includes a chicken stuffed in a duck stuffed in a turkey.  Our hand-held version consists of a hand-made chicken burger topped with turkey bacon, duck confit, fontina cheese & red onion jam served with cranberry-ketchup on the side.  He said, "this is a thick slab of exceptionally moist chicken. And it's underneath a fat handful of what's called duck confit that is more like shredded duck meat. A few slices of turkey bacon, fontina cheese and red-onion jam round out the burger."  He continues, "this burger does improve on the traditional turducken because the brioche bun manages to keep the sandwich intact, unlike the difficulties presented by slicing."  The Tur-duck-en Burger is available only at Beer Kitchen.

Read the full article here.

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