January 28, 2011

Pitch Review: Beer Kitchen

Photo: Angela C. Bond
Charles Feruzza - popular food critic & writer for local magazine the Pitch - stopped by Beer Kitchen a few day ago to sample some of the food for his latest review in the Pitch's Dining section.  In his review Charles says, "unexpected touches elevate this joint. The sandwiches come with crunchy house-made pickles, and the comfort-food staples are very good. An "oven fried" chicken, coated in crushed cornflakes, really does taste like something my mother used to make."

"If this Beer Kitchen is "No. 1," it's good enough to inspire hope for a No. 2."

Read the full article - and whet your appetite - here.


  1. This is my photo from The Pitch article. Would you mind posting a photo credit for Angela C. Bond.

  2. Thanks Angela - your name has been added. Apologies for not including it initially.