January 24, 2011

Stone/Jolly Pumpkin/Nogne 0 - Special Holiday Ale

Brewing heavyweights Stone, Nogne 0 & Jolly Pumpkin got together for the second release of their Special Holiday Ale, which was first brewed by Stone in San Diego in 2008. The concept behind this collaboration is that each brewery takes Stone's winter warmer recipe - which  includes Michigan chestnuts, white sage from southern California and Norwegian juniper berries - and makes it at their respective brewery.  3 identical beers but from 3 different breweries; differences in brewing and aging practices produce different beers, which are blended to create Special Holiday Ale.

Beer Kitchen has the only 2 cases of this rare collaboration in Kansas City. 

Special Holiday Ale was named one of Wine Enthusiast's Best Beers of 2009 and has ratings of 98/100 on RateBeer & A- on Beer Advocate.  8.5% ABV

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